Sigma updates PrintRite 3D software

Sigma Labs has introduced a new version of its PrintRite3D quality control software. It’s aimed at non-destructive melt pool analytics for metal printing. 

Sigma Labs PrintRite 3D v5 quality control software can detect thermal defect signatures

Version 5 can identify thermal defect signatures thanks to its Automated Anomaly Detection feature, which uses thermal emission spectroscopy to harness Co-Axial Planck Thermometry to provide a verified thermal signature in both temperature and coordinates. This streamlines the manual monitoring and inspection process in metal additive manufacturing, which in turn should reduce the level of waste and lead to increased productivity.

It also features Automated Anomaly Classification where users can train an algorithm based on a known anomaly database so that a risk level can be assigned to the thermal defect anomalies of interest. It has a graphical user interface with a real-time display of live part quality results.

John Rice, CEO of Sigma Labs, said: “Companies engaged in metal additive manufacturing have traditionally been hindered by the inability to analyze the structure of a part during the manufacturing process as well as the inability to make real-time adjustments to ensure an acceptable level of quality. 

“PrintRite3D Version 5.0 resolves this challenge with results comparable and complementary to CT testing. This genuine advance provides value to OEMs and manufacturers, and is designed to increase production yield of 3D metal manufactured parts, cut post-process quality inspection costs and reduce time to market, enabling true industrialization of metal AM.”

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