New tool promises to recover printheads

Digital Sign Technologies, which is based near Toronto in Canada, has released a new version of its Print Head Doctor machines, which promise automatic cleaning of any inkjet printheads.

Digital Sign Technologies has developed a new version of its Print Head Doctor with this model 15.

To use it, you have to remove the printhead and suspend it over a chamber that contains the cleaning fluids. The system works by pumping pre-heated chemicals through a printhead in both directions, combined with ultrasonic vibrations. The new Model 15 can switch any of its ports between pressure and vacuum, enabling it to run complex recovery programs in one set-up, without any operator intervention. 

The new machine is said to be able to safely clean just about any printhead currently available, from Epson DX to Kyocera KJ4, using either solvent or UV-curable inks. 

In addition, users can create custom recovery programs and remotely control a PHD15 machine via the Android app. It can be used to revive old print heads and extend their life, useful given that the printhead is likely to be one of the most expensive components of any press. 

Digital Sign also makes a number of inks, bulk ink systems and various inkjet consumables. The Print Head Doctor 15 costs CAN$5,500. You can find further details at

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