SAi updates CAD software

SAi has updated its Enroute CAD program to v5.1. An expanded range of import filters has improved compatibility with a variety of popular CAD programs, iincluding the ability to take in Wavefront 3D OBJ files, a universally-accepted 3D geometry file format for exchanging three-dimensional designs between 3D graphics applications.
There’s an ATP option that automates cabinetmaking and furniture production by providing an efficient way to process large numbers of parts during the Nested-Based Manufacturing (NBM) procedure. This now allows for different nesting engines to be used, such as the new Block Nesting Engine, specifically designed to be used with rectangular shapes such as cabinet parts, which can nest much faster and more accurately on larger jobs as over 1,000 parts can be nested. Using the new nesting algorithm, operators now have the choice of more than one area of the material on which to locate nested items.
In addition, there are two new texture tools to design and create an unlimited number of possible textures to apply to a 3D surface. The new Flow Texture produces a 3D surface with the random characteristics of a flowing fluid, while Phase Texture generates a distinct sequence of recurring waveforms. Each of these textures can be used as defined or further refined to achieve the precise texture the user is looking for.

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