Mimaki launches new textile printer

Mimaki has launched a new textile printer, the Tx500-1800B, a variation on the existing Tx500-1800A. The new model includes a specially designed conveyor belt that feeds fabric without tension, enabling high quality printing on elastic materials, even with unattended operation. Print speeds are said to be 1.6 times faster than conventional Mimaki textile printing products at 60m2/ hour at a resolution of 600×450 dpi.
There are several inks available for handling different materials, including reactive dye ink (Rc300), sublimation dye ink (Sb300), acid dye ink and pigment ink. Acid dye and pigment inks will be available in the near future and all the ink is available in 2-litre ink bottles for reduced ink costs.
Mike Horsten, marketing manager for Mimaki Europe says that this new model will drive greater adoption of digital printing in the textile and apparel markets, adding: “Fashion designers and others in the industry will be able to produce vibrant small lot products on unique materials that were not readily available for digital printing in the past. This includes cotton, silk, hemp and rayon, all popular fabrics in the world of fashion design. Our dedication to eco-friendly printing is also demonstrated with this new textile printer, which uses less ink and water and results in less waste than other printing methods.”

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