Procap launches new capping

Procap, a major European player in the plastic caps and closures industry, has launched a new capping system, 38 Proline, for sensitive non-carbonised beverages that must be packaged in clean conditions, such as juices and milks. 

This offers good performance capping which supports a reduction in stoppage time, thus saving significant time and cost. The closure is also suitable for bottled waters. It can be used for any PET container featuring a 38-3SOT neck finish.

The design also includes a venting feature through a discontinuous thread that allows pressure inside the container to be released in the event of fermentation of the product so that there’s less chance of the cap being blown off under pressure. Furthermore, the seal between the closure and bottle is also lost only when the TE band bridges are sufficiently stretched or broken, reducing the chance for product sabotage.

The new solution has been devised to aid the ascetic cold fill methodology, although it is suitable for both wet and dry aseptisation. No slip agent is used in its production. As a result, aseptisation filters require less cleaning and maintenance. The inner shape of the TE band further aids aseptisation by discouraging the retention of the chemical product used that could then spoil the product.

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