Prinergy gains Dynamic Print Planning

Kodak has added Dynamic Print Planning, which uses artificial intelligence, to its Prinergy Cloud Services.

Kodak’s Prinergy Cloud offers to analyse a print business to help find greater efficiencies.

Prinergy Cloud is a set of analytics services that’s designed to help print companies realise greater efficiencies by showing production costs and system performance through continuously collecting data from operations. The new Dynamic Print Planning makes it easier to plan multiple jobs at once while taking into account day to day realities, such as staff shortages, in real time.

Allan Brown, vice president and general manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions, explained: “The Prinergy Cloud Services new Dynamic Print Planning capabilities provide PSPs the ability to quickly and accurately plan, respond to changes and produce a greater number of orders with the same resources. By eliminating potential human errors from the project planning process, this offering can reduce 40 percent of the labour costs per project, dramatically increase an operation’s agility and help keep businesses competitive.”


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