Duplo launches new collators

Duplo has extended its finishing portfolio with a new Esper direct marketing collator and an optional system that runs inline to improve its productivity. These devices run at  9,000 set per hour and can be used to gather together assorted unaddressed mail documents prior to distribution. 

Duplo has launched the DM Mini Collation system together with the Esper DM-230V Pro.

The Esper DM-230V Pro has a ‘Just Timing’ function so that it can pick up even the most awkward stocks complemented by sensors to detect an empty bin, paper jam or stack full. When a misfeed is detected, the incorrect set is automatically diverted into a reject tray for uninterrupted running. It has a colour LCD touch screen control panel, with frequently used functions repeated on the sides of the collator and LED indicator lights on each programmable bin. There’s a paper separator slide on each bin for quick changeovers from thin to thicker documents.

In addition. Duplo has also announced the DM Mini Collation System that’s designed to work inline with the Esper collator. It incorporates a ‘Load-on-the-Run’ facility and a ‘Cascade Function’ that can be programmed to handle large volumes of a few inserts as well as thicker folded documents. There’s a PC controller with large icons and graphics that automatically sets up the Stacker Unit promises continuous uninterrupted production and 100% set integrity by automatically detecting and diverting any incorrect sets. The Stacker Unit can be programmed to deliver batches from 5-50 sets in multiples of five, and has been specially designed to ensure that the Esper DM Collator continually feeds collated sets without any pause or gaps in production.

Neale Horstead, from Duplo’s Direct Marketing Division, said: “These small footprinted solutions are the next step for businesses that are collating by hand and wish to offer their customers 100 per cent set integrity and a more professional and automated service. Or for businesses who want to decentralise their production infrastructure to move closer to the point of delivery.”

Both the Esper and the DM mini collation system use Duplo’s Job File Transfer software so job data can be automatically downloaded, stored and recalled from memory.

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