Kodak partners with PerfectPattern

Last month I reported that Kodak had added Dynamic Print Planning to its Prinergy Cloud services. PerfectPattern has now stepped forward to claim that this is based on its sPrint One technology.

PerfectPattern’s sPrintOne technology is the basis behind Kodak’s Dynamic Print Planning offering for its Prinergy Cloud.

This is down to a strategic partnership that Kodak and PerfectPattern entered into in the middle of last year. PerfectPattern is a software developer, founded in Munich, Germany in 2012. The company’s business model is to distribute its technology exclusively through technology and sales partners. Fabian Rüchardt, managing director and business development at PerfectPattern, commented: “We are very pleased that with Kodak we have found one of the leading providers of solutions for the printing industry as our first global partner.”

The sPrint One approach uses artificial intelligence and clever algorithms to plan print jobs to better utilize capacity as well as to optimize sheets. The result is the automatic production of a detailed manufacturing plan and a cost optimized set of print ready production layouts, which is now integrated into the Prinergy workflow.

The system takes into account all factors likely to influence the outcome as well as the complexity of their relationships – including the printing machines in use as well as the materials, colours, costs and deadlines.

Allan Brown, vice president and general manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions, explained: “The Prinergy Cloud Services new Dynamic Print Planning capabilities provide print service providers to produce a greater number of orders with the same resources. By eliminating potential human errors from the project planning process, this offering can reduce 40% of the labour costs per project and dramatically increase an operation’s agility.”

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