Meteor Inkjet to support Fujifilm SG600 heads

Meteor Inkjet, which develops electronics and software to drive printheads, has developed the HDC-SG600 Head Driver Card, Printhead Evaluation Kit and Waveform Development Kit for Fujifilm Dimatix SG600 printheads.

Meteor Inkjet has developed this Head Driver Card for Fujifilm’s SG600 printhead.

Meteor is claiming to be the first company to offer this type of support, which it probably is since Fujifilm has only just launched the SG600 printhead. This is a recirculating head said to be suitable for industrial print applications such as textiles, corrugated packaging and ceramics. It’s part of the SG1024 family of printheads, but with native resolution of 600dpi. It gives OEMs options such as much higher ink deposition or finer detailed imaging at desired print speeds. 

Each Meteor HDC-SG600 Head Driver Card (HDC) drives one SG600 printhead. They run through Meteor’s PCC-E GbitE Print Controller Card, each of which supports up to eight head driver cards. The controllers can be linked together to drive up to 2024 printheads.

Meteor has also developed a Printhead Evaluation Kit and a Waveform Development Kit to help OEMs optimise these heads for the applications they have in mind. This can be used to evaluate multi-head and multi-ink configurations, using electronics and software that can then be transferred straight to manufacturing.

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s Managing Director explains: “We have a long history of collaboration with Fujifilm Dimatix, having launched our first Meteor-branded drive electronics for Dimatix printheads in 2006.  We are proud to be the first supplier to offer production-ready electronics, software and evaluation equipment for the new SG600 printhead and we look forward to providing customers an easy to integrate, scalable solution with the assurance of long-term, reliable supply for both development and production requirements.”

You can find further details about Meteor Inkjet here and Fujifilm Dimatix here.

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