New print modules from Industrial Inkjet

Industrial Inkjet, which works closely with Konica Minolta, has developed a new range of ColourPrint HiQ print modules that are on show at this week’s Label Expo.

Industrial Inkjet has developed this ColorPrint HIQ CMYK inkjet print module, based around the Konica Minolta 1800i printheads.

The modules can be retrofitted to existing flexo presses, or other equipment, and include CMYK in a single unit. These modules are based around Konica Minolta’s KM1800i printhead and can run at up to 200mpm at 600×600 dpi, which would make them them amongst the fastest inkjet modules currently available for the label sector. Essentially they build on the earlier modules that used the older KM1024 printheads.

Naturally, being inkjet, there is a trade off between the fastest speeds and the highest resolution. It is possible to run these modules at 600 x 1200 dpi at 100mpm, but managing director John Corrall says that most people will probably run them at 600dpi, saying that most people will go for 600 dpi for the speed.

They can produce 3.5 picolitre droplets and are capable of a native resolution of 600 dpi. They use an asymmetric screening technology that can give the impression of 1000 dpi resolution. These modules are available in print widths from 75mm to 520mm. IIJ says that it has already sold several of these modules, which are due for installation over the next couple of months.

Slightly off-topic, there are rolls of wallpaper sitting next to the ColourPrint HiQ module on the stand at the show. This has been a pet project that Corrall has worked on for a while and I think the long-suffering IIJ staff mainly brought the wallpaper to humour him. But there were several serious enquiries about the wallpaper, which is a little surprising at a label show, so I guess he might yet have the last laugh.

Actually, if anyone reading this is still at the show then it’s worth making a trip to the IIJ stand and chatting with Corrall – you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody at the show who knows more about developing and integrating inkjet solutions.

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