Muller Martini adds variable data to book finishing

Muller Martini has developed three new variable data modules for its SigmaLine book finishing system. The VariableProduction, VariableImposition and VariableBundle modules are fully integrated with the existing Connex data and process management system.

The Variable-Production allows products with different content and even a different page count to be produced in one production run on the SigmaLine. The signatures are tracked using barcodes, and Connex monitors the production process, including feedback to a high-level production system.

The Variable-Imposition module extracts a production series from the VT data and automatically inserts blank pages depending on the folding scheme selected. Intelligent barcodes are placed on every signature during the digital page assembly. The finished PDF signatures are then transferred straight to the printing press, and the printing process is managed accordingly. Connex also tracks the products here, and provides the possibility of reproducing rejected products automatically following the production run.

The VariableBundle module pre-bundles books selectively in the SigmaCollator. Using a run list, the collator collates a varying number of books and delivers them together, eliminating further manual sorting.

Thus the same system can handle PDF and PDF/VT files, with little further training needed for operators.

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