Independent clamping from Muller Martini binder

Muller Martini unveiled its new Vareo perfect binder at last week’s Hunkeler show. It’s a three clamp machine, but unusually each of the three clamps is driven from its own servo motor independent of the others.

In most binders the clamps are driven by the same motor, either linked together for higher speeds, or independent for greater flexibility. But Muller Martini claims that the Vareo will offer both high speed and flexibility with the overtravel speeds and cover nipping times set for each individual book, which should lead to better quality binding.

It can run at up to 1350 cycles per hour and is said to be suitable for both digital and offset book production. Muller Martini also claims short set up times, so that, for example, it can switch from A4 to A5 books in less than a minute. There’s an optional book thickness measuring system and a size calibration station for shorter setup times that allows measuring of book block sizes, cover sizes and scoring positions, with the data automatically transferred to the control system. There’s also an optional barcode reader to match the cover with the content.

The Vareo has a modular design, and can be turned into a complete perfect binding line, for example by adding a customer-specific cooling section, a three-knife trimmer or an automatic book block infeed. Thus finished signature stacks or loose-leaf stacks can be taken directly from a digital printer to the clamps of the perfect binder. It can be used both for hotmelt and PUR production.

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