Morgana launches larger PUR binder

Morgana has released a new PUR binder, the DigiBook 300XLPro, which is essentially an updated version of its existing DigiBook 300. This now accepts a larger book format in response to customer demand.

The DigiBook 300XLPro is a PUR binder that can produce books up to landscape SRA3 format.

Thus the new model can produce books with a spine length of up to 450mm, including landscape SRA3 format books, with spine thickness of up to 50mm. Previously customers had to order an extended cover kit for books larger than A4.

Ray Hillhouse, vice-president offline business at Morgana, points out that the power supply has also been changed to single phase, explaining: “The previous version required a three-phase power supply, which limited its potential installation to larger print shops and factories that had access to three-phase power. The 300XLPro is now a 32-amp single-phase machine, and this will allow its installation in most commercial premises and print businesses.”

Morgana has also added two options for the 300XLPro: a gauze station, which will allow for the production of book blocks ready for case binding; and a high capacity paper chip extractor, which has a 78-litre capacity for paper dust, to allow for longer runs.

Otherwise, the machine uses Morgana’s proven hermetically sealed PUR glue application system, which has automatic cleaning and sealing of the head at the end of the production run. This allows for fast start-up and shutdown and minimal wastage.

The 300XLPro is available now though you should expect a lead time of four to six weeks.

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