Plockmatic buys KGS

The Plockmatic Group, which develops booklet making and feeding equipment, has bought the Italian company KGS, which has specialized in making PUR binders.

KGS was formed in 2010 by ex-Heidelberg employees specifically to design and manufacture closed-tank PUR binders. This approach was particularly suited to short run on-demand book production, as it minimised start-up times and glue wastage. For the last two years its only customer has been Morgana, which has sold the PUR binders as its DigiBook range.

It’s a sensible move for all involved, as Morgana is already owned by Plockmatic. Morgana will continue to manufacture the PUR binders at the KGS factory in Mestrino, Italy. Ray Hillhouse, VP of Sales & Marketing for Morgana, explained the need to increase production to meet demand: ““Owning the company will allow our expertise in supply chain and production to help KGS grow, while simultaneously reducing costs. Savings will be directly passed on to our customers and dealers.”

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