Flint introduces new FTL corrugated plate

Flint has expanded its range of flat top dot flexo plates with a new Nyloflex FTL plate for printing on sustainable substrates with a higher content of recycled fibres and other paper and board applications in combination with water-based inks.

Flint’s Nyloflex FTL Digital is a low durometer flexo plate designed for printing to recycled boards.

It’s a low durometer plate, with a hardness of 28 according to DIN 53505, that’s been designed as a much softer alternative to the existing FTC plate that Flint already sells.  

Dr Eva Freudenthaler, VP of Technology at Flint Group Flexographic explains: “Since the launch of the nyloflex FTC Digital in 2017 we already offer a valued flat top dot plate to the corrugated post-print market. It has proven to be very versatile with respect to substrates that it can cope with, delivering excellent highlights in combination with good fluting reduction. Due to its higher durometer it naturally reaches its limit though at the lowest end liner qualities. That is why we have supplemented our plate portfolio with the nyloflex FTL supporting the continuing trend to more cost effective liners”. 

Corrugated boards have often struggled with a problem from fluting and Flint says that a major advantage of this plate is that it can reduce the amount of fluting. Freudenthaler explains: “Flexographic plates with flat top dots, in contrast to common digital plates with round top dots, can reduce the unwanted fluting effect.”

The FTL is said to produce good solid ink density with a tonal range of 3-95 percent on screen rulings of 32 l/cm. Moreoever, it will work with substrates that use a greater proportion of recycled fibres without affecting the print quality. Flint says that it will be easier to set these plates up on press, saving both time and waste. 

It’s worth noting that Macdermid also introduced a new flat top flexo plate for the post-print corrugated market earlier this year, while Asahi introduced a plate for lower quality boards just a few months ago.

Flint will continue to sell both the new FTL and the existing FTC plates. The Flint Nyloflex FTL plate is available now in a choice of different thicknesses, from 2.84mm up to 6.35mm. You can find further information from the Flint website here.

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