LasX expands to European market

LasX, which specializes in advanced laser cutting and finishing systems, has established a European subsidiary to be based in Hannover, Germany.

Dirk Stünkel, managing director of LasX Europe, argues that short run personalized printing makes digital finishing more attractive. He adds: “LasX has pioneered fully automatic laser cutters coupled with robotic materials handling, which uniquely can all be controlled by reading barcodes on the printed materials.”

LasX has a range of LaserSharp laser cutters for applications ranging from roll feeding for narrow web labels and flexo finishing, through to sheet fed systems for commercial printing and carton packaging, from 50cm up to 2 metre widths. There are also LaserSharp systems dedicated to electronics and medical work.

There is a choice of laser power levels from 100W to 2,500W, and multiple laser heads can be fitted to increase the cutting width. They can cut, crease, score, etch and ablate materials depending on the intensity setting, so almost any finishing process can be carried out. The transport belt runs at up to 60 metres per minute, with a vacuum that ensures that sheets and cut items remain firmly in place throughout the process.

Its latest development is an optical recognition system that reads barcodes and positioning marks to precisely align both the laser heads and the optional inline Spider STS-400 robotic stacker.

LasX Europe will be at the Dscoop event where it will show the STS-400 stacking cartons that have been pre-printed on an HP Indigo 30000 B2 digital carton press, and pre-cut by a LaserSharp B2 Motion cutter.

The UK distributor is CMD Insight. Further details from:

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