Bitek to launch compact laser die cutting

The South Korean firm Bitek Technology is planning to launch a compact laser die-cutter, the Any-Cut II, which will be demonstrated at Label Expo with a Colordyne 1800C series label printer.

Bitek has developed this Any-Cut II label converting system, seen here with the Any-Link and 1800C printer.

Bitek has developed the Anytron range of entry level label printers alongside the Any-Cut series of laser die cutters. The new Any-Cut II, which fits between the existing benchtop Any-Cut 1 and the much bigger Any-Cut III, is a one-stop finishing solution for laser die cutting, lamination, scrap matrix removal and slitting, based on Bitek’s 150-watt laser engine technology. It can read a barcode to switch automatically from one job to the next. 

Bitek will also launch an add-on unit, the any-Link, which acts as a buffer that synchronizes the speed between the printer and the laser die cutter to make it easier to connect the Any-Cut II with just about any benchtop label printer. 

The idea is that once the job is printed the any-Link stores the media until it is fed into the any-Cut II laser die cutter at the correct processing speed. The any-Link can measure and adjust the output speed of both the printer and finishing system to pause and resume operation during the production process. This allows users to print and die cut labels without needing to take the printed roll to a secondary, off-line finishing machine. 

It will be shown at Label Expo with Colordyne’s latest entry-level benchtop, the 1800C, which was launched earlier this year for on-demand short run label and tag production. This is based on a Memjet VersaPass printhead, which prints CMYKK using Memjet’s water-based dye inks. Resolution is Memjet’s standard 1600 x 1600 dpi with a maximum speed of 18mpm.

Colordyne’s 1800C series is a Memjet-based desktop label printer.

This latest version has a flat, unobstructed printing path, with Colordyne having improved on its earlier design so that there’s no need to break the web to clean the printhead during runs. This has increased the run lengths and improved the print quality. It also gained a job library that gives users quick access to functions such as printhead maintenance, job setup and media settings through a touch screen panel.

The printer can be configured for print-to-cut, fanfold and roll-to-roll, depending on the optional unwind and rewind attachments. 

Andy Matter, president of Colordyne Technologies, said that Colordyne was looking forward to working with Bitek at Label Expo, adding: “This new solution provides users of our benchtop label printers, like the 1800 Series C, a time-saving and cost-effective option for incorporating finishing capabilities into their existing label production process.”

You can find more details on Bitek at and the 1800C series at

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