Colordyne offers dedicated label finishing

Colordyne has announced a label finishing system, the 2800 Series Mini Laser, which can be used as a standalone offline or nearline device.

Colordyne has developed this 2800 series Mini Laser as a standalone label finishing solution.

The new 2800 Series Mini Laser laminates, laser die cuts and removes matrix waste in a single pass. It can be used to create custom die cut blank label stock for use on digital benchtop solutions. The laser technology eliminates the need for expensive dies and knives, making it a more cost-effective solution long term. It offers a max cut width of 7.87 inches and a max cut length of 47.24 inches with speeds up to 60 feet per minute. There’s a built-in job library that allows users to save and reopen die cuts on-press. Setup times between jobs are nearly eliminated compared to traditional finishing.

This is not to be confused with the similarly-named 2800 Mini Laser Pro, which is a complete printing and finishing system. Instead, Colordyne has separated the finishing elements from this existing machine to create a dedicated finishing machine, which can then be used alongside  roll-to-roll digital printers, such as the 2600 Series Mini Press, for short run label production.

Andrew Matter, president of Colordyne Technologies, says there was a gap in the market, adding: “We have brand owners and private label manufacturers using our digital printers that typically source pre-die cut material from outside vendors because they do not have the space or resources to manage a multitude of dies. We wanted to provide a solution for these customers to bring label finishing in-house to take full control of their label production.”

Further details from the Colordyne website.

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