Hop develops Indigo synthetic paper

Hop Industries, which makes the Hop-Syn synthetic paper, is now offering a version of this substrate optimised for HP’s Indigo presses called Hop-Syn Go, a 100 percent recyclable media.

Hop Industries has developed the Hop Syn range of synthetic papers including this Go media for HP Indigo presses.

This is a surface-treated, clay-coated, calendered polypropylene substrate. It’s said to be completely waterproof and to be extremely scuff resistant – similar to polypropylene plastic but with better print performance – making it suitable for applications such as menus, identification cards, point of purchase signage and retail tags. It is UV resistant for up to 3 months outdoors and can be scored and grommeted. It has a smooth matte finish and is said to produce vibrant imaging with 85-90% opacity.

Jack Smith, senior vice president of Hop Industries, commented: “Our customers have been asking for a Hop-Syn grade made specifically for the HP Indigo press, and we delivered a substrate that outperforms all other synthetic papers in the market, both in quality output and price.”

Hop-Syn Go is supplied in sheets from 12x18ins to 20.5 x 29.5ins and 55ins wide rolls. Hop Industries is based in New Jersey, USA. More details from HopSyn.com.

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