HP enhances its Indigo press range

HP has announced updates across the board to its Indigo digital presses and demonstrated the latest model, the Indigo 7r. The ‘r’ stands for reconditioned, with the press itself being a 7000-series machine with a full warranty but at a lower price point.

HP has enhanced other presses, so that the Indigo 7800 now supports printing on canvas in addition to synthetic substrates and lenticular applications using One Shot Color technology, and offers added differentiation with the new Fluorescent Pink ElectroInk. HP has also optimized the print queue, while the latest 5.1 version of the SmartStream Production Pro Print Server is said to RIP files 30 per cent faster.

The Indigo WS6800 gains a Michelman DP680 Primer to reduce primer costs.

There are new environmental advancements for both the 7800 and WS6800 to cut down on the need for imaging oil. Older presses can be updated to this spec.

The B2 Indigo 30000 now prints on metalized media, with HP demonstrating a single pass double varnishing solution with the Tresu iCoat 30000 Twin at this week’s Dscoop users event in Dublin.

HP also revealed that it had installed nearly 200 units of the B2 Indigo 10000 in 32 countries worldwide. Customers’ average print volumes have more than doubled year on year, and over 20 customers have added multiple units.

HP also announced a new Service Advantage program that includes Printbeat, a performance tool providing customers with greater visibility and insight into their press’ performance. It includes a Customer Excellence Program that offers onsite step-by-step operation and production mentorship for Indigo customers.

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