EFI Fiery integration with Duplo

EFI and Duplo have worked together to improve the integration between EFI’s print servers and Duplo’s combined slitter/ cutter/ creaser units, which the two companies claim can save up to 70 percent of set up time by taking the finishing information automatically from the prepress settings.

Duplo’s DC-746, seen here with an integrated folding system, is a combined slitter, cutter and creaser.

Peter Dyson, product launch leader at Duplo International, said: “Our collaborative efforts for this automated solution will also reduce human setup errors, plus users now will have the ability to quickly verify job designs with a visual preview of finishing lines before printing.”

For now, this integration applies only to Duplo’s DC746 through a firmware update, available online for the unit’s PC Controller software. However, the plan is to add similar support to the DC646 later this year.

The integration relies on the Fiery Impose software, which can automatically generate an accurate preview of slit, cut, and crease locations. Users also can save new layouts as templates to automate imposition on future jobs. Fiery Impose already supports the Duplo barcode so printed jobs can be loaded directly into the Duplo units through the barcode for automatic set up.

This system has been trialled at Global Print Inc in Glendale, California, USA. Ken Kaypekian, Global Print’s sales manager, explained: “Planning our job layouts first on our Duplo DC-746 and then moving it to our Fiery Impose environment, instead of the other way around, has been a much more efficient workflow and the accuracy is now phenomenal.”

You can find further information at efi.com and Duplo International. There’s also a video demonstrating how to automate print finishing workflows with Fiery Impose at https://tinyurl.com/y8vpmm7w.

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