Heidleberg launches new UV inks

Heidelberg has shown off a new DryStar low energy UV drying technology. Heidelberg claims that this is an energy-efficient process that offers a gateway to UV printing for commercial print shops. This process uses highly reactive UV inks, which reduces the number of dryer lamps required in the press and thus cuts energy consumption significantly.
This technology has already become established on many markets. Heidelberg is now augmenting its technology portfolio with coordinated ink series sold under the Saphira label as Saphira Ink Low Energy UV 100 and 400. These are said to be ideal for printing on paper, card/board, and non-absorbent materials. They have good gloss properties and screen dot quality. Both enable printing to ISO 12647-2. Sheets printed with Saphira Ink LE UV are ready for finishing straight away as they are already dry on exiting the press.
Heidelberg will also sell complementary consumables such as blankets, coatings, and washup and dampening solutions.

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