Sun Chemical launches LED sheetfed inks

Sun Chemical has developed a new range of UV LED inks for sheetfed offset printing. The SunWave Lumina inks are said to be suitable for use on all sheetfed press types and can be used with both single- and double-sided printing. 

Jonathan Sexton, marketing manager for Sun Chemical Europe’s Energy Curing products.

Sun Chemical says that the SunWave Lumina range of inks is based on the latest UV resin system, which gives very fast curing to a hard finish under UV LED and low energy mercury lamps, while also being fully compliant with the latest EuPIA raw material guidelines. 

In addition, the SunWave Lumina inks are said to offer good dot gain and high gloss and mechanical resistance. The ink range is designed for Process Standard Offset printing to ISO12647.

Jonathan Sexton, marketing manager of Sun Chemical’s European Energy Curing Products, commented: “SunWave Lumina is a significant step forward for our portfolio of UV low-energy curing offset inks. Not only does the range meet the market’s need for robust inks that maximize the uptime of sheetfed presses by minimizing the cleaning time required during printing, but, based on our own benchmarking and customer tests on various sheetfed presses, it delivers best-in-class performance.”

The new SunWave Lumina process ink range is available now in Europe. You can find more details here

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