Flint launches corrugated Nyloflex FTC plate

The Flint Group has announced a new nyloflex FTC Digital flexo plate, which produces inherent flat top dots and is said to result in significant fluting reduction on various corrugated boards from fine to rough flute.

Nyloflex FTC Digital for corrugated postprint is said to offer significant fluting reduction and outstanding print quality.

Flint claims good ink transfer with smooth solids with even ink laydown for consistent high quality print on a variety of substrates. It’s said to offer sharp and defined elements with precisely reproduced text and codes. There are less dot gain tolerances on press and Flint promises higher wear resistance even at faster speeds.

It’s a photopolymer plate and requires standard processing with no need for additional equipment or processing steps. It’s said to have the same robustness and storage capabilities as other plates in the Nyloflex range.

Dr Eva Freudenthaler, vice president of Technology for Flint’s flexographic products says that users want higher print quality despite a trend to use lower quality liners, explaining: “With the development of Nyloflex FTC Plate, we therefore had two focal points with regard to print quality – to reduce the fluting effect across many different liner qualities and to further enhance the quality of fine highlight screens in corrugated postprint – while at the same time keeping it simple for the pre-press operation by providing a plate that can be processed like any normal digital printing plate.”

The Nyloflex FTC Digital plate will be available in several thicknesses, from 2.84 mm up to 6.35 mm from later this month.

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