ePac expands Indigo packaging fleet

23rd October 2018

The North American converter ePac Flexible Packaging, which is committed to HP Indigo, has ordered a further 20 Indigo 20000 presses, significantly expanding its business and highlighting the growing demand for these presses. Continue reading “ePac expands Indigo packaging fleet”

HP updates Indigo presses and PrintOS

1st October 2018

HP has added a new FM screening mode to its Indigo 12000HD press. The Indigo HDFM mode places ink dots in random-like distribution, increasing the accuracy of ink dot placement, and eliminating the appearance of rosette patterns and moiré. This leads to sharpness in highly detailed images and halftone text applications. This is unlikely to be rolled out to other Indigo presses because it requires the higher resolution of the 12000HD. Continue reading “HP updates Indigo presses and PrintOS”