Evrything secures funding for Internet tracking

Internet start-up company Evrything, which develops software to connect products to the Web, has announced that it has secured a further $7m of funding. The backers include Atomico, founded by Niklas Zennström, Co-Founder of Skype, as well as New York-based private equity investors BHLP LLC, London-based venture capital firm Dawn Capital and Cisco.

Evrything is one of a handful of companies working towards the Internet of Things – a concept in which every product has its own unique identity on the Internet, making it possible to track all of those products. Those objects can be tracked through RFID or tagged by barcoding and near field communications or NFC. Evrything is developing the software to enable the data management of this tracking using a software-as-a-service business model.

This has particular implications for the packaging sector and Evrything already claims that it is working with major brands and retailers to link individual items as they are made, sold and used, making it easier to manage supply chains. Evrything has worked with iZipline to develop intelligent packaging product, ‘PackageTagz’, which applies NFC tags to a package as its produced. The NFC tag is coded and tethered to iZipline’s software platform to deliver data and content when the package is tapped by a consumer’s mobile device. This interaction between the tag and a consumer’s device is tracked to produce valuable analytics for the brand manager, manufacturer or regulatory agency.


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