Antares shows new enterprise level tracking system

Antares Vision, which is best known for developing pharmaceutical track and trace solutions, has announced a new level four (meaning that it’s designed for enterprise and corporate use) serialization software called AtsFour.

AtsFour is a level four serialisation solution from Antares Vision that’s aimed at enterprises.

Essentially this builds on the existing Antares Tracking System architecture. The software ecosystem manages the serialization data flow connecting production plants, CMOs, third-party logistics and authorities, and manages high volumes of data through a new data storage system.

AtsFour can be installed either on a cloud platform or on a local server. It can also be configured on an entirely dedicated cloud space that is not shared with other companies.

There’s an expectation that the amount of data such a system will have to cope with could increase quite dramatically, given the level of traceability regulations that now exist in Europe, the US and other regions. Consequently, this system is designed with graph database technology, which allows for a significantly faster search of information compared to traditional systems.

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