Nano Dimension collaborates with Hensoldt

Nano Dimension, which has developed a 3D printer for PCBs, has announced a strategic collaboration with Hensoldt, which specialises in developing electronic solutions for the security and defence markets.

This picture shows, from left, in the front row Valtentin Storz, Nano Dimension director of sales EMEA, Guy Kouemou, Hensoldt CTO office, and Dr Jaim Nulman, Nano Dimension Chief Technology Officer and Executive VP Product, and in the back row, Rolf Baltes, Jörg Sander and Andreas Salomon from the Hensoldt engineering team.

Nano Dimensions concentrates on 3D-printing of electronics, having already developed its DragonFly printer, which can print circuit boards. Hensoldt was one of the first companies in Europe to invest in one of these printers, which is installed at its headquarters in Taufkirchen near Munich.

Now Hensoldt is looking at ways to manufacture products and components with integrated functionality, which is also known as 3D structural electronics. This is largely driven by the need for miniaturization and modularity in design, and mostly seems to involve various types of sensors.

Thomas Stocker, Hensoldt’s head of Engineering, explained: “By using the DragonFly, we’ve already accelerated our application development. Now, our strategic collaboration with Nano Dimension is further empowering our engineers in expediting product development cycles, while giving them the freedom to explore next-generation designs and solutions not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.”

Hensoldt, which rose out of various former Airbus activities in the areas of defence and security electronics, employs some 4,300 people and generates revenues of more than one billion euros per year. Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension, noted that Hensoldt was responsible for some of the most advanced electronics work in the world, adding: “We expect to see great advances in electronics technology emerge through this collaboration.”

You can find more details on the DragonFly at visit www.nano-di.comand on Hensoldt at

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