Esko updates ArtiosCad

Esko has released the latest update to its ArtiosCad structural design program, which is widely used to create packaging and point of sale displays.

There’s a new Canvas File that acts as a master design template that allows a designer to create all the pieces on a single canvas and see how they interact. They can then redirect those components that need graphics, separate the components based upon how they are manufactured and identify each part for reports, database searching or for integrating with a business system. Each part retains its own unique board assignment and parts made on mixed substrates can be designed and viewed together.

Esko has also improved the integration with MIS, for example, creating unique parts for inventory and costing, or helping to run a bill of materials.

For manufacturing, companies are now able to separate the canvas into different parts and deliver only those pieces that require a specific manufacturing technique – for example, to a die maker or to a Kongsberg table. It’s even possible to add non-design elements such as a pallet for transport or assembly hardware to the workflow, which are then referred to as non-production parts.

It’s immediately available and a free update to customers with a service agreement.

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