Esko offers cloud-based approval

Esko has announced a new cloud-based approval tool, Share and Approve, which is designed for use with its Automation Engine workflow. Esko claims that this increases approval rates up to 3x faster than traditional approval processes.

Esko has developed this cloud-based Share and Approve solution for approving packaging designs.

It’s hosted as a service on Esko cloud architecture so there’s no additional IT infrastructure to worry about. It allows users to create 3D pack renders based on their actual 2D artwork, including special print effects and embellishments and then to upload those files for approval. The solution offers various packaging inspection tools for measurements, deep zooms and separations viewing, as well as barcode and braille reading. It also gives a complete audit trail of operator actions and versioning. 

Karsten Daemen, Esko Product Manager, commented: “We are very happy to see approval loops finishing in a maximum of 8-9 days instead of a few weeks, which is typical of what happens in the industry today. We have also observed the number of job revisions decreasing from 8-9 to 3-4 with use of the software. With the speed and complexity of packaging management today, Share & Approve is going to make a tangible difference to our customers seeking to increase their speed to market.”

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