Esko releases WebCenter 18 for packaging management

Esko has updated its WebCenter packaging management solution with the release of version 18. This is aimed at both brand owners and converters and is said to offer users more control and visibility over their packaging preproduction specification, approval and project life cycle.

Esko’s WebCenter 18 is aimed at both brand owners and converters for managing packaging through approvals and into production

The review and approval process has been improved to make it easier for users to see project status and reviewer input. It allows brand owners to understand the root causes of any bottlenecks by showing the number of approval iterations and the reasons for any rejections. It can also automatically notify the right stakeholder after a rejection, speeding up the revision process.

Esko has also improved the 3D modelling so that reviewers can now review the product exactly as it would be on the shelf. This should improve the level of feedback and reduce approval times and number of iterations. The 3D model can also be used to show consumers a better online representation of the product and to help retailers with their marketing.

Esko has also added built-in and custom templates to the content management to help users efficiently comply with regulations such as Nutrition Fact Tables and Over the Counter Drug Facts. Artwork can also be centralized through the Graphic Content Management functionality, which allows artwork to be merged into templates and includes the logging of symbols, logos and barcodes, as well as packaging copy and graphics. The idea is to automate this and reduce manual mistakes that can invalidate the packaging’s regulatory compliance.

WebCenter 18 also gains a social media-like instant messaging function that allows all communication to be stored inside the project for full traceability and transparency.

Udo Panenka, president of Esko, commented: “Packaging is an ever more important part of almost all consumer goods, from food to electronics, and it plays an even greater role as consumer awareness and demand increases. WebCenter is already the leading packaging management platform used by Fortune 500 companies that are active in the CPG and pharma industries, as well as converters and packaging printers. The feedback from our early users has been overwhelmingly positive. With this new version, Esko has the most powerful solution that ties the entire supply chain together.”

WebCenter 18 is available now, and every new system will come with the new version installed. Existing customers can upgrade on request.

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