Zund announces corrugated tool

Zund has released a new Press Cutting Tool, or PCT, for its cutting tables, which is designed for working with corrugated cardboard. It’s said to produce very sharp cuts, suitable for high-quality packaging for consumer goods and POP displays.

Zund has developed this Press Cutting Tool for processing corrugated cardboard on its cutting tables.

The PCT has been designed as an alternative to an oscillating tool, which exerts vertical force on the material. Instead, the PCT features a convex glide shoe that compresses the material as it passes over it, producing a pillowing effect along the cut lines. Zund says that this leads to a cut quality similar to that of conventional die-cutting. The amount of pressure the glide shoe exerts and the pillowing compression can be controlled through a stepless adjustment ring.

The PCT can handle corrugated cardboard up to a max. thickness of 7mm without running the risk of tearing or puncturing the linerboard.

The PCT has been designed to work with drag knives on flat stock. In addition, the PCT can be paired with Zund’s new Z104 drag knife to produce very fine cutting details, including radii as small as 3mm. It works with most of Zund’s tables, including the G3, D3 and S3 series.

It’s available now, with further details on the Zund website here.

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