EFI announces two DFEs for new Versant

EFI has developed not one but two Fiery digital front ends for the new Xerox Versant 2100 printer. The Xerox EX 2100 and EX-P 2100 Print Servers use a new 10-bit, 1200 dpi processing technology, which EFI claim help produce sharper edges for clean appearance. There’s a new Fiery Ultra Smooth Gradients feature that eliminates “stair stepped” gradient shades that you sometimes get with vector images.

The new DFEs are based on EFI’s Fiery FS100 Pro platform – the first DFE platform to carry a 100% perfect pass rating from VIGC’s PDF RIP Audit. They can integrate with Xerox’s own FreeFlow Workflow Collection and FreeFlow Core.

Other features include internal sensor-based profiling and colour calibration, imposition for visual previews of variable-data jobs and the ability to set separate screening modes within the same job to achieve the best quality for all elements — text, graphics and images.

In addition, the EX-P 2100 Print Server includes Fiery HyperRIP technology, which processes complex files up to 40% faster than other DFEs.

Both DFE’s will be available from July.


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