Creative Edge upgrades 3D design software

Creative Edge Software has overhauled its IC3D Suite, which offers real-time 3D packaging design and visualization with the launch of v3.0. This is suitable for products such as bottles, cans, flexible packages, cartons, bags and plastic containers. It includes a fair range of pre-built models and editable model templates and allows any 2D graphic artist to create 3D models and apply artwork on them in order to visualise what the real final package will look like. It’s available as a complete Suite for all packaging types, or in a dedicated Carton Edition for any type of folding carton product ranging from a simple box to an advanced point-of-sale unit.

This new version gains a new 3D Shape Modeller, which allows users to create advanced, asymmetrical 3D models, such as perfume bottles and trigger sprays, using 2D shapes.

In addition, the ability to apply shrink wrap foil to single or multiple items has been improved with a new undistort function. This allows users to pre-distort the artwork with production precision, ensuring that once the shrink is applied it appears completely undistorted.

It’s also possible now to place PDF artwork directly on the 3D model without having to go through an external application. You can position the artwork and hide specific PDF layers to create the desired result, which should considerably speed up PDF-based productivity.

Creative Edge has also added a free viewer application, for Mac and Windows, which allows anyone in the packaging creation process to exchange native IC3D files and open them on any computer. Download the Free Viewer Here to see it in action. This should overcome some of the drawbacks of the commonly used 3D PDF, such as limited lighting reflections and lack of support for transparent objects.

It’s a free upgrade for anyone with a maintenance contract and there’s a 14-day trial available.

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