Colordyne introduces 2800 inkjet module for narrow web

Colordyne has introduced a new full colour single pass inkjet module, the 2800 Series AP Retrofit, an entry level unit that can be retrofitted to narrow web presses and finishing equipment. 

Colordyne’s 2800 series AP retrofit is a compact entry level inkjet module for use with narrow web equipment.

The key to this unit is that it’s based around Memjet’s DuraFlex printheads, which contain all four ink channels in a single head, allowing for a compact and relatively inexpensive unit that’s still capable of producing good results at up to 45mpm. Memjet offers a choice of A4 and A3-sized heads, with Colordyne having used the A3 heads for this unit, so that it can handle print widths of 324mm. This should be adequate for most label equipment. These are thermal printheads, so they have to be replaced though Memjet estimates that they should be good for printing around 50 litres each, with replacements available through Colordyne. 

The ink is Memjet’s standard DuraFlex aqueous pigment CMYK inks that are compatible with bond, coated offset, inkjet treated  and inkjet coated media. Colordyne says that it is still testing for use with films, primers on film and primers of non-inkjet receptive material.

John Urban, Director of Engineering at Colordyne Technologies, explained: “The development of the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit was driven by printers looking to optimize existing finishing and web handling equipment with a cost-effective and compact solution. He added: “We also anticipated the need for a retrofit that could be easily integrated into production lines or print and apply solutions. With in-line full color inkjet printing, brands can produce unique product labels on-demand and integrate variable data capabilities.” 

It’s worth noting that Colordyne also sells a larger and more productive unit, the 3600 series, which also uses Memjet printheads and can be retrofitted to existing presses. However, the 3600 uses the DuraLink printheads, which requires one head per colour. The DuraFlex heads are derived from the DuraLink design so the print quality is similar, as are the aqueous pigment inks. Consequently, this give users a ready-made upgrade path and there shouldn’t any problems with reprinting jobs as the inks and heads are broadly similar.

The starting price is in the $120,000 range though inevitably the price will depend on the nature of each installation. In theory these units should be available now for the European and UK markets though obviously the current pandemic situation will affect this. It comes with a Xitron Navigator RIP, which runs on a Windows server.

You can find further details on the 2800 AP Retrofit from

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