Colordyne launches mid-volume label printer

Colordyne has announced a new label press, the 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro, which is aimed at mid-volume production and neatly rounds out the company’s portfolio.

Colordyne’s 2800 series Mini laser pro is mid-volume label printer complete with laminating and die cutting.

The 2800 is a complete solution that includes printing, laminating and die-cutting in a single pass. The print module uses a single Memjet printhead, which incorporates CMYK channels and can print up to 222.8mm wide. It’s capable of producing 9 mpm at 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution though this speed doubles to 18mpm at 1600 x 800 dpi.

This appears to be a standard Memjet VersaPass head, which uses water-based dye inks, as opposed to the new DuraLink heads that use aqueous pigment inks. The DuraLink heads can print to a wider range of media and offer longer life spans. The VersaPass heads will help to keep the capital cost of the machine down but the heads have a relatively short life span, as is common with thermal printheads.

It’s said to be easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and job library. It’s designed to complement the more expensive and higher volume 3600 printer.

Andy Matter, general manager of Colordyne Technologies, explains: “It’s a production-grade solution allowing users to maintain the professional quality of their labels in-house and incorporate just-in-time label printing into their business. Users can print what they need, when they need it, all while eliminating the delays and waste associated with outsourcing.”

He added: “In-house digital print production is the best way for brands to build an affordable, flexible and responsive label production environment without needing to be a label manufacturer.”

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