Bookfactory automates cutting

The Swiss company, which specializes in producing individual photobooks, has automated its operation through bar codes that contain the individual cutting format of each book alongside an encrypted ID.

Raphael Kacimi, Head of Production at BuBu AG, and Ahmet Uyar, Head of the Digital Production Division at BuBu AG, is part of BuBu or Buchbinderei Burkhardt, one of the largest book binders in Switzerland, dating back to 1941., founded in 2004, is best known for its customized books, which include special covers, finishes and unusual formats. In order to optimize production around individual books, the company added bar code readers to its two existing Polar 78 XT high-speed cutters. The DI bar code function offers the option of generating the cutting program directly from the individual cut sizes encrypted in the bar code. The result is that cutting programs can be created easily, reducing the tooling time and allowing the machine to be run independently without being integrated into a workflow.

Raphael Kacimi, Head of Production at BuBu, says that the aim was to have an individual cutting program for each product, adding: “It quickly became apparent that we would be able to upgrade our existing equipment. The additional bar code DI-function completely fulfilled our expectations. Today I can say that we have enhanced the process reliability considerably, the error quota is zero. We have also become more flexible.”

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