Tecnau and Smyth partner for book finishing system

Tecnau, which sells paper handling systems, and Smyth, best known for developing book finishing systems, have formed a partnership to produce a folding and sewing system for digitally printed books and catalogs.

Tecnau and Smyth have partnered to produce this integrated book finishing system for continuous feed digital printing.

The solution unwinds, cut and stacks 4-page and 8-page printed signatures. These are then folded and accumulated to form larger signatures which are then sewn together. The input consists of a Tecnau Unwinder u10 and a Cutter TC 7000 HS and can handle variable page lengths, and with a feeding capacity up to 600 signatures per minute, totally automated without any operator intervention. The Cutter is said to feature a precise dynamic cutting system to allow instant speed changes and stoppages, simplifying the book-block separation process during sewing.

This is matched to a Smyth DX-70 PLUS, with the folding system with (2) parallel pockets followed by the collating station. This allows for the production of multiple 16-page signatures printed on a single sheet, effectively reducing costs and production time while minimizing operator intervention.

Stefano De Marco, sales manager at Tecnau, commented: “Roll input maximizes digital print production, guaranteeing high volumes, reduced costs and an always increasing print quality that well matches the finishing quality of the sewn books.”

You can find further information on this system at  www.smyth.it and www.tecnau.com

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