Color-Logic certifies Indigo 6900 with silver

Last year HP Indigo introduced a new silver ink for its Indigo 6900 web fed press that’s a lot more effective than the previous silver, which was more like a dull grey colour. Color-Logic has now certified the 6900 with this new silver ink for use with its own Process Metallic Color System.

Color-Logic has certified the HP Indigo 6900 with its new silver ink for the Process Metal system

The Color-Logic system is a colour communication system that allows brand owners, and their advertising agencies to specify particular results for each print production process. The Metallic Colour System offers brands a useful way to create different effects to differentiate their products. However, it does mean that Color-Logic has to test the individual print processes, such as the new silver ink on the 6900.

Mark Geeves, director of sales and marketing for Color-Logic, says that combining the Indigo silver with the Color-Logic system produced around 250 metallic colours, adding: “The Color-Logic system and decorative effects software, together with the HP Indigo 6900 digital press, add the wow factor to labels and also enable brands to implement a myriad of security enhancements.  Metallic variable data, plus first-level security features, are available at no additional cost to brands, since all such features may be implemented at the design stage and require no further pressroom or finishing work.”

The 6900 is a web fed Indigo press that’s mainly aimed at label and packaging applications. You can find more details about the 6900 at the Indigo website and about the Process Metallic system at

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