Mimaki announces UJV55 3.2m UV printer

Mimaki has launched a new 3.2m wide roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer. The UJV55-320 uses LED curing. It’s capable of speeds up to 110sq m/h and print resolutions of up to 1,200dpi, depending on the substrate.

It has a seven colour inkset including white and light cyan / magenta that can be configured in a 4-colour mode or 6-colour set plus the white. This white ink can be used with transparent and coloured media and for three-layer – colour-white-colour – printing for applications such as window graphics and backlit day and night signs.

It also includes an inline, post-print LED lightbox that enables operators to check printing quality of backlit signage during the production run, simulating its installed look and reducing waste and time.

Naturally, it can print to two rolls side by side simultaneously. It can also detect nozzle failures automatically and initiate cleaning or nozzle mapping. It also comes with Mimaki’s RasterLink 6 software which features a patented dithering technique to reduce banding at higher speeds.

Stuart Cole, National Sales Manager, for Mimaki’s UK distributor Hybrid Services, commented: “With low running costs, thanks to its LED UV curing technology and competitively priced inks, a substantial colour gamut, excellent image opacity and Mimaki’s traditionally high print quality, we’re certain it will have broad appeal.”

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