XJet to launch Carmel AM printers

XJet has launched two new metal 3D printers with a new Carmel AM System product line. There are two models so far in this series, the Carmel 1400 and the Carmel 700 AM systems, which can produce both metal and ceramic parts.

XJet has developed this Carmel 1400 additive manufacturing printer for producing metal and ceramic parts.

XJet has been showing off this technology for over a year now – I saw an earlier version of the Carmel 1400 last year at the Formnext show in Germany. The heart of the XJet offering is its patented NanoParticle Jetting technology, which uses nanoparticle “inks” or fluids for the build material and the support material.

Hanan Gothait, CEO and founder of XJet, explains: “Other additive manufacturing technologies use powders, but we offer a real breakthrough by leveraging our know-how as pioneers of both inkjet printing and 3D printing industries. Our solution prints very fine layers of both build materials and a support material to enable the creation of complex geometries in a very simple and very safe process. While we are currently printing only one build material, we could theoretically print multiple build materials.”  

Both models are the same size with the main difference being the build size. In both cases the build height is 200mm, with the Carmel 700 being 500 x 140mm and the Carmel 1400 having 500 x 280mm, which is 1400 cm3, the sort of size needed for serious parts production. I think it’s a reasonable assumption that you could upgrade the 700 to the 1400 model.

XJet will show the Carmel 1400, at the Formnext show next month in Frankfurt, Germany. XJet has already delivered one of these to a customer – it won’t say who but there’s a cheesy video of the machine being packed and shipped on the website.

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