XJet expands Carmel 3D printer platform

XJet is planning to introduce two new variants to its Carmel 1400 3D printer platform, with new 1400M and 1400C machines due to be shown off at the Formnext show in Frankfurt, Germany in November.

XJet’ now offers separate versions of its Carmel 1400 for metal and ceramic printing.

XJet initially targeted the metal printing market before switching its focus to ceramics, following market feedback. So with this announcement, XJet has optimized the machines around the materials – the M version for metals and the C for ceramics.

XJet has already installed several of its Carmel machines, which are producing ceramics and was due to add a metal printing capability. This suggests to me that XJet has run into problems in printing metals and has had to make changes to the specification of the printer hardware to get around this. Nonetheless, it’s clear from the announcement of the metal machine that XJet has now overcome any issues.

XJet will show off both machines at Formnext, as well as a number of applications, including a ceramic cryotherapy probe that’s used as part of a cancer treatment, which I’ve covered here. The company will also show how researchers at the University of Delaware used XJet’s zirconia material to develop a low-cost, lightweight antenna solution for 5G networks.  You can find more information from xjet3d.com.

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