XJet announces new ceramic material

XJet used the Formnext show to announce a new ceramic material, aluminia, for use with its Carmel AM printers.

XJet has developed a new ceramic, Aluminia, for its Carmel AM printer

Hanan Gothait, CEO of XJet, says that Aluminia probably has the widest number of uses of a ceramic. It has a good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance with a melting point of 2500°C compared to 1700°C for Zirconium. Aluminia offers very good electrical insulation, extremely high mechanical strength, high compressive strength and high hardness. It has lower wear resistance than the zirconia that XJet already prints, making it simple to machine and refine both before and after firing.

XJet is also planning to release a stainless steel material shortly. As part of this, XJet has developed a soluble support material that will allow fine detail and complex geometries to be printed without the risk of damage in the bath support-removal process.

XJet has also sold its first system into the Italian market. It will install a Carmel 1400 at an Italian AM bureau, Beam-IT, before the end of the year.

Gothait commented: “It’s been a year of outstanding growth and I’m immensely proud of what the team here at XJet has achieved both in product development, the manufacturing agreement and new facility, and the new labs opening. Next year will be even bigger as we add these new materials, welcome many new customers and continue to build an infrastructure to support that rapid growth including a network of distributors, a great customer development and support team and more. The market response to our technology and system has been wonderful and we make sure that we grow at the right pace, building a strong and solid foundation for a very large, leading company in its field.”

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