Xitron updates inkjet plug-in

Xitron has updated the Inkjet Direct plug-in for its Navigator RIP with a new 64-bit version. This plug-in allows film or printing plates to be output on inkjet devices.

Xitron’s Navigator workflow is based on a Harlequin RIP.

As such it makes for a low cost solution that’s particularly popular with screen printing and flexo printers looking to avoid film processors and chemistry.

This new version supports Epson’s SureColor T-Series, which use aqueous inks and are primarily designed for the technical document market. It also works with Epson’s older Stylus Pro range as well as the SureColor 6000, 7000, and 8000 models.

Jeffrey Piestrak, product manager at Xitron, says that screen printers have two major concerns over new technology, noting: “The first is quality. The second is cost. Combining a Navigator RIP and T-Series printer for film output will result in an outstanding price-performance ratio without a sacrifice to quality. Plus, the interpretive accuracy and control offered by Navigator goes well beyond the capabilities of a standard print driver.”

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