Xitron develops Navigator for Memjet Northstar heads

Xitron has released a version of its Navigator workflow for use with those printers fitted with the Memjet Northstar inkjet head. Navigator Northstar is said to improve the colour accuracy of devices such as the Astrojet M1/M2 printers as well as the Colordyne 1600, RTI-Digital Vortex 850/851, Trojan One, and Formax Colormax, which mainly cover the desktop envelope, flyer, and label market.

Xitron claims that users have reported difficulty in achieving consistent colour with these devices. Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron’s product manager, commented: “The colour adjustment tools built into this workflow make it extremely easy to match a job’s spot colours without impacting the rest of the document.”

Navigator Northstar includes Navigator RIP version 10.1r2, Navigator Color Matching Workflow, and the Northstar connectivity plug-in developed by Xitron. The system is multi-platform compatible and accessible from anywhere on a user’s network.

Further details from http://www.xitron.com/products/navigator-northstar.

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