Xerox updates workflow offerings

Xerox has developed a new workflow platform, FreeFlow Core. It’s a scaleable and modular system that’s built on a web-based architecture. It can offer web to print through XMPie StoreFlow and there’s a Digital Publisher option, developed with GTxcel, for producing electronic versions of print campaigns.
Another option, IntegratedPlus Finishing Solution, which can drive finishing kit for automated production of books, booklets and cards.
Xerox has two further workflow options. IntegratedPlus Automated Colour Management provides automated web-hosted colour management for one or multiple locations. Then there’s also the Xerox Freeflow VI Suite v12, which provides a set of tools to put together a print job from the printer’s front end, and includes such things as adding barcodes to print jobs as well as printing directly from SAP applications. All of these solutions will be available from next month, except Digital Publisher, which won’t be out until 2014 Q2.

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