Xerox targets counterfeiting

Xerox has organised raids in China and Dubai that resulted in the seizure of more than 55,000 boxes of counterfeit consumables and parts for various Xerox products – merchandise slated for distribution in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, and South America.
Irina Maslennikova, vice president of Xerox Global Supplies Business Group, commented: “Counterfeit production is not just an OEM issue. It impacts governments, resellers and customers due to lost taxes and investments in poorly made products.” She added: “Purchasers who think they are cutting cost with counterfeit items are instead jeopardizing the safety of their equipment and the quality of printed materials.”
Xerox has recently introduced a new loyalty program, Genuine Xerox Rewards, which allows customers to register products and supplies with Xerox to validate their authenticity.

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