Xerox develops printed memory labels

22nd September 2015

Xerox has developed two printed electronic labels that can collect and store information about the authenticity and condition of products. The basic label can hold up to 36 bits of rewritable memory which can store up to 68 billion points of data. The labels, for example, can be used to determine if a product is genuine and to track how it’s been handled during distribution. Continue reading “Xerox develops printed memory labels”

Agfa designs security plug-in

17th June 2015

Agfa has developed a new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, Arziro, for security printing applications. It’s heavily based on Agfa’s Fortuna program, which is a standalone solution for security printers. Arziro Design can create very complex, security patterns in seconds for general-security print applications. It is even possible to ‘enrich’ existing creations with security design elements from Arziro or to modify the Arziro creations by altering the pre-defined design parameters in the plug-in. Continue reading “Agfa designs security plug-in”

Domino launches digital cold foil solution

5th June 2015

Domino recently launched a digital cold foil solution based around its K600i digital print module. Essentially it’s using the printhead to lay down an adhesive that can then be used with conventional metallic foil. It can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or be retrofitted to an existing foiling station and uses a web handling solution from AB Graphic. Continue reading “Domino launches digital cold foil solution”

Agfa updates Fortuna security software

22nd April 2015

Agfa has released Fortuna 9.0, the latest version of its design software for high-end security printing. It’s widely used to produce secure documents such as passports, ID documents, high-security cards, tax stamps, security documents and lottery tickets. This version gains new tools focused around productivity and ease of use. Continue reading “Agfa updates Fortuna security software”