Xerox shows off faster Rialto 900MP

Xerox has demonstrated a new 900 MP version of its Rialto web to sheet inkjet press at the Hunkeler Innovations Days (HID) event that’s taking place this week. 

Xerox has added a Speed Boost option to its Rialto 900 Inkjet Press.

This new version gains a Speed Boost option that should make the press 33 percent faster up from 48mpm to 64mpm, which translates into 215 A4 sheets/minute, simplex or duplex. The maximum print width is 220mm. I’ve been told by Xerox that the Speed Boost is a software update, and that it does not involve any changes to the printheads or drying. That in turn suggests that Xerox has optimized and reduced the amount of ink that the press is laying down, possibly through some form of screening.

New customers can order their presses with the Speed Boost option now. It’s possible to add this option to existing presses but those customers will have to wait until the second quarter of this year. 

The Rialto grew out of Impika’s Project Genesis, which was demonstrated at Drupa 2012, with the Rialto itself first appearing at HID 2015. It uses Kyocera printheads and has 600 x 600 dpi x 2-bit resolution. It’s a single pass duplex press that takes roll-fed media up to 250mm wide, from 60 to 160gsm in weight. It uses water-based pigment inks and will print to uncoated untreated, inkjet treated and inkjet matte coated stocks. But its defining characteristic is a built-in unwinder and a cutter unit to output cut sheets, which gives the press a remarkably compact footprint. Xerox recommends a monthly volume of 1.5 to 3.8m impressions.

Xerox also showed off two further inket presses at the HID event, the Trivor 2400 with the High Fusion inkset and the Brenva HD.

You can find further details on the Rialto at the Xerox website here.

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