D’Arts invests in Durst P10 for wallpaper printing

A Hong Kong entrepreneur, David Qian, has expanded his wallpaper business to Nottingham in the UK in a bid to grow markets across Europe and the United States.

Qian started making hand painted wallpaper, fabric, home accessories 20 years ago and has grown this into a £3 million-turnover business, D’Arts. The company combines bespoke, made-to-order hand-paintings and embroidered wall coverings that combine ancient eastern artistic traditions with western and contemporary aesthetics. The wallpaper designs retail on average at £150 per sqm and are customized to meet the demands of major brands that include numerous five-star hotels across the globe.

The company turned to digital printing in 2010 to focus on high quality, customised printing, and digital now accounts for half of the business. Indeed, the rapid growth of the digital side of the business has led Qian to set up in the UK in order to expand further in both Europe and the US. 

As part of this, he company has set up a new production facility in Nottingham and invested in a Durst P10 160 complete with heavy duty roll holder which takes rolls up to 150kg. 

Qian commented: “With a previous system we had problems with colour-matching, which cost us time and money. But the Durst machine has been an absolute revelation. Digital printing is the next step for the wallpaper industry – it’s the future. We are really satisfied with the high-end quality from the P10.”

He added: “We are the only company in the world that can combine hand-painting and digital printing together. This is a core of our business where we create bespoke customer designs for major brand names within interior design and furnishing sectors who demand the very best service and quality.” D’Arts still has production based in Hong Kong for the Asia market.

The P10 is a 1.6m wide hybrid printer. It uses UV inks with conventional curing with CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta and white. It can produce 100 sqm/hr, which drops to 24 sqm/hr in Production mode. Standard resolution is 1000 dpi but there’s a 1200 dpi Fine Art mode. 

Peter Bray, managing director of Durst UK and Ireland, commented: “Customers, particularly those like David Qian who are dealing with high-end brands and demanding the very best quality, increasingly rely on Durst to provide technology to match the exacting requirements. The P10 is recognised as a byword for productivity and quality, as our growing number of users will testify.”

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